WC Kitchen Family Foundation

Mission statement

The W.C. Kitchen Family Foundation has a particular interest in helping disadvantaged or marginalized youth who do not have the same opportunities as other youth to develop to their fullest potential. (Disadvantaged youth refers to those in the teenage years who are vulnerable to social exclusion due to one or more risks such as poverty, dysfunctional family relationships, substance-abuse and addiction in the family, and parental neglect). The Foundation will support projects or programs in the Greater Toronto Area designed to help enable such youth to acquire self-esteem, to enhance their education and/or develop practical skills. These should be innovative programs that take a preventive or early intervention approach to the challenges facing these young people. Also, the programs should be of sufficient duration to effect change or have some lasting impact.

Conservation of natural resources is also of concern to the W.C. Kitchen Family Foundation. A smaller portion of the Foundation’s funds will be allocated to particular conservation projects selected by the board for their potential to make a significant difference.

W.C. Kitchen Family Foundation